Hi Everyone, I'm Lynn Mohd. I'm a newbie to atkins and would love to share ample of recipes with you. I hope this blog will helps others too on achieving weight loss goals. I also shared my successful story on my weight loss journey for your inspiration. Perhaps!


My Journey on Shedding Some Pounds.

I started off my weight loss journey on March 2012, and i found out this diet from my old friend. She's been doing quite sometime and she manage to lost nearly 10 kg within 1 year. When i heard that, i was very curious to know and I challenged myself for 2 weeks(induction),just to see how it goes. The interesting part about this diet is you don't have to starve that much and worries about calories intake into your body. You actually can eat as much as you want but bear in mind "LOW-CARB","HIGH-PROTEIN"! Below are my picture before diet, that was my heaviest weight i ever reached.


As a result after 2 weeks of induction. Surprisingly! I lost nearly 4kg ~ 8 pounds.It was really amazing! I never thought i could lost that much pounds within 2 weeks! I continue until i reach my ideal weight. Currently,I'm at maintenance phase. I love this diet. Wish me luck everyone! And good luck to you too.


Lots of Love,
Lynn Mohd